MiniModes 2024

Conference – 2019 edition

miniModes 2019 Photonics School is a weekend optics conference by students, for students. Organised by the Student Association of Optics and Photonics (KNOF), it aims to showcase the broad spectrum of research conducted at University of Warsaw, spark new cooperative initiatives and inspire new ideas for student’s work.

The conference boasts an intensive, diversified over-the-weekend programme. To provide the best experience fo the students, we included talks from top Polish scientists from the field.
Although the conference focuses on optics, photonics and their applications, we understand that working in science is not only about technical lectures and scientific knowledge. That’s why the programme also comprises brainstorming sessions and soft skills workshops, tailored for the needs of the young researchers.
To boost participants’ presentation skills, provide discussion bases and encourage cooperation between various University of Warsaw research groups, each of the participants will be required to present a poster about their research.


miniModes Photonics School is intended exclusively for University of Warsaw students and PhD candidates. There is no conference fee. Transport to and from conference venue, as well as food and accommodation, are provided free of charge.

However, each participant is obligated to present a poster about their research. There will be a special poster session arranged.

Scientific Committee

  • Czesław Radzewicz (Faculty of Physics, Univ. of Warsaw)
  • Michał Karpiński (Faculty of Physics, Univ. of Warsaw)
  • Jan Kołodyński (Centre for New Technologies, Univ. of Warsaw)
  • Piotr Węgrzyn (Univ. of Warsaw, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS)

Organising Committee

All members of the Committee are active members of KNOF UW.

  • Dominika Bondar – Day 1 coordinator
  • Aleksandra Łopion
  • Katarzyna Ludwiczak
  • Jędrzej Mijas – webmaster, technical support
  • Piotr Węgrzyn – head of the Committee

The Committee wants to acknowledge following people from KNOF for their help:

  • Jakub Dobosz
  • Michał Mikołajczyk
  • Filip Sośnicki
  • Adam Widomski
  • Aleksander Bogucki
  • Mihai Suster