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About us

The Student Association of Optics and Photonics of the University of Warsaw (KNOF UW) is working since 2011 and is a platform to meet, discuss and exchange the ideas for students and PhD candidates, with a main theme being science of light, whether conducting the basic research in the field, or using light as a primary research means.

We are very active in various projects. We prepare outreach presentations, for the youngest and the older. We regularly meet with the top scientists. We organise workshops in soft skills and scientific work. We visit international conferences and organise them ourselves. We promote the Polish science around the world. And we are always open to all fresh ideas!

KNOF UW closely cooperates with student sections of the international organisations, namely:

  • University of Warsaw OSA Student Chapter
  • University of Warsaw SPIE Student Chapter
  • University of Warsaw EPS Optics Young Minds Section
  • University of Warsaw IEEE Photonics Student Branch Chapter

You can get to know us some more at our website:

A lot of news and photos also on our Facebook fanpage.